A Multi-Company Collaborative for all your outdoor needs.

Nature’s Experts is a symphonic collaboration of companies providing unparalleled services for all your indoor and outdoor nature needs: tree care services, landscaping, botanicals, pest control, and more. Nature’s Experts started with Threlkel Botanicals and Sherlock Tree, founded nearly 50 years ago, and holds many accreditations, including the prestigious TCIA.

The Nature's Experts Difference

Thanks to our company collective, we have a unique advantage to leverage our combined wisdom and experience to provide customers with the right answers and the best solutions. We take great pride in educating our customers, so they understand the why, envision the what, and understand the how. Our host of experts encompass our signature craftsmanship, distinct quality of work and superior service.


Tailor-made estate gardening

in Palm Beach

Coastal Garden Professionals provides tailor-made estate gardening services for properties located in the exclusive Palm Beach, Florida. We are known for our meticulous, skilled craftsmanship for landscape design and installation, impeccable turf maintenance and signature detailed enhancements. With a private nursery that houses the largest collection of locally grown plants, Coastal Gardens has what you love – or can grow it for you.

Luxury Landscaping Services

For nearly 50 years Dias Brothers have been making heads turn with their unsurpassed landscaping artwork. The Brothers bring next level attention to detail — solving problems and delivering the best solutions within your budget. From design and concept, installation and maintenance, Dias Brothers is the preferred choice for making your property look stunning. What sets the Dias Brothers apart from the rest is our extensive knowledge, creativity, meticulous work and ongoing maintenance to maintain a beautiful landscape.

Superior Tree Care Service

Since 1974

Since 1974, Sherlock Tree has set the bar high with its expert knowledge, meticulous craftsmanship and superior customer service. With a prestigious TCIA accreditation, our fleet of trucks and certified arborists are ready to get the job done right, safely and on time. We work with commercial, residential and HOA properties to provide tree trimming and pruning, tree removal, tree planting and installation, as well as tree health solutions.

Botanical Dreams Made Reality

Threlkel Botanicals can create what you can dream up. Known for lush greenery and tropical blooms inside and out, whether at home or in workspaces, we offer a broad range of services including interior plants, florals, green walls, and even holiday lights. Ready to create a masterpiece using the power of plants?

Eco-Friendly Pest Control

When it comes to pests, choose only the best! For 20 years, Maximum Pest & Fertilization has earned the title of best pest control and fertilization company thanks to its expert knowledge, effective non-toxic solutions and superior service. With our eco-friendly, family-friendly and pet-friendly promise, we offer pest control and exterminating along with lawn and shrub care needs. When we take Maximum control of your property, the grass really is greener on your side!